A product of grace...

Who is F'RAEL? 


F'RAEL Music formally known as; M.O.G (Man of God) A native of Minneapolis Minnesota has been a recording artist for more than 7 years. F'RAEL discovered his gift for writing and rapping after he gave his life to Christ. F'RAEL never planned on rapping but God had other plans. F'RAEL's mission is to use music to implant the gospel in culture. F'RAEL believes all music is worship and it's important we pay attention to who the worship belongs to. F'RAEL's Music has been featured on Rapzilla.com, Rep Da King Magazine, Z180 Radio Show and many more.


Vocals|Writer / Darelle Williams
Executive Produce / TRYBISHOP




Feel No Way

by F'RAEL Ft. ElishaLove & Trybishop